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Some days deserve easy. A delicate coffee highlighting the flavour notes and less of the bitterness – fine exotic sweetness with a complex fruity aroma as well as nutty overtones

Coffee deserves to be beautiful, to respect who you are. The coffee from us at Jewels makes you this promise. The promise of gorgeous, flavour-full beans, optimum roasted, is the indulgence you deserve. Our international coffee experts have chosen the beans by their flavour characteristics. The Character and quality of this coffee is about allowing the joy of that coffee to shine through by meticulous roasting. Store in a sealed container in a dark place like a cupboard.

Coffee as beautiful as you deserve your personal moments to be.




Storage & Serving Suggestions:

  • Do not freeze
  • If you find the coffee not strong enough, grind finer or leave to brew a few moments longer, or use hotter water.
  • If the coffee is too strong, grind a little coarser, brew for a bit less time, or make the water a fraction cooler

Whole Beans


1kg, 250g




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