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Espresso or Automatic Machines

Decaf – 2Kg Bag Deep, complex and chocolatey, slight caramel flavour

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Our decaf version. Except that this decaf has flavour, has a bold taste and is super yummy.

The Give Peace A Chance (GPC) blend is a decaffeinated offering – except this decaf has flavour, has a bold taste and is super yummy. It has been specifically engineered precisely as the Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) blend – to give the Joy of the Extraordinary through fully automatic, bean-to-cup coffee machines, delivering a delicious and potent cup conveniently and cost-effectively. We like to call it bang-for-your-buck. Quality and flavour are hallmarks of all our coffees; the challenge is to channel both through specialised, fully automatic espresso machines, which are hampered by their onboard grinding and extraction processes.

We have sourced softer green beans, developed a unique blend of Swiss Water Decaf and activated a special process that makes the roast denser and more brittle after roasting. The various processes and coffee varieties at play here are important contributors. We use a Swiss washing process to remove the caffeine but keeps the flavour. The Columbian beans that we use in this blend are of such a high grade that even Pablo would approve.


Whole Beans




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The Manhattan Project


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